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Effective Ways To Reduce Your Google Ads CPA: Get More ROI

In case you are a new starter, then you should know what a CPA is. it stands for Cost Per Acquisition, which means the amount of money you spent on advertising and marketing approaches to convert potential leads, who had clicked on your posted ad responding to your CTA or Call To Action. 

To find out your current CPA you can do a simple equation, try this formula: 

CPA = Cost / Conversions

You can also use a CPA calculator to find out about the CPA you are currently investing in. 

By reducing your Cost of Acquisition (CPA) you will be able to acquire more Return on Investment (ROI) within a short interval, without having to spend additional money on traffic acquisition. By focusing more on the targeted audience you will be able to control your cost of acquisition. 

Often marketers can be seen focusing more on sales and acquiring more traffic before cost optimization. They start a project with the intention to earn more profit, while only after the wastage of their resources, do they come to the realization that cost optimization is important. That is why you should focus on reducing your CPA from the very beginning of your project. 

Furthermore, when you start focusing on controlling CPA from the beginning, you will be able to think about ideas to reduce marketing and conversion costs before your business gets sales numbers pouring in. 

Nowadays, search marketing is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to reach a particular audience and demographic. Hence, reducing CPA has become extremely necessary today. 

Effective Ways To Reduce CPA

Here are 3 best strategies you can implement to get an increased return on investment by reducing the cost of acquisition (CPA) 

Optimizing Your Landing Page

As the saying goes, The first impression is what matters the most. It applies to your business website as well. By improvising the user experience, and interface of your website’s landing page, you will be able to keep hold of the customers who have clicked on your ads. 

Often, the users who visit a certain business website through an ad or affiliated link revert back from the page, due to an ineffective user interface or the page lacking quality. Since it doesn’t appeal to them much, they think of the service provider being an incapable one, and immediately leave the page. That is why you need to optimize your landing page. 

Stopping Low Performing Campaigns

One of the best ways to reduce CPA is by completely stopping the low Performing Campaigns. Campaigns such as display and video are more appropriate for branding and consideration. Since they don’t acquire traffic to your website, you should shut them down until you start getting more potential conversions on your site. By stopping low Performing Campaigns you will be minimizing the CPA or you can also use those additional costs on a strategy that enables you to gather more potential customers. 

Using Retargeting Techniques

As you can see, only 2% of the users convert to potential customers on their first visit. Most of the users left the site either because of the high cost of your products, or the inability to meet their standards. That’s where Retargeting Techniques come in. By using Retargeting Techniques or remarketing strategies you are able to to reach out users who had previously visited your website by providing them with relevant ads on other websites they visit within the Google display network. 

It works by adding certain coding on your website known as Retargeting tags, anyone who visits and leaves your site without converting to potential customers will be tagged and will be added to your Retargeting list. You can later Retarget them through a relevant website or social media platform with a compelling offer. By using Retargeting Techniques you will effectively reduce your CPA while getting more conversion rates. 


All three of these strategies are the full-proof strategy that will help you reduce your CPA greatly while acquiring more potential conversion within a short period. To find out your current CPA, you can use this CPA calculator which effectively shows accurate CPA of your site. By using these techniques you will be able to get more Return on your investment.