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Here’s How You Can Set Your Apple iPhone Wallpaper

Apple iPhone comes with a variety of dynamic and still wallpapers. And with every update, you will land a new wallpaper that looks different and more exciting than all the previous wallpapers. However, you don’t have to go by the rules of selecting wallpapers only from the selected list of wallpapers and themes. 

Apple users can set their wallpapers by following the simple and easy steps mentioned below. But before we begin on our quest to customize our Apple wallpaper, you must know the basic functions of the phone. If you are aware of that, you can skip ahead to follow the steps to set the wallpaper. If not, you can read the next section that gives a brief overview for new Apple users.

Getting acquainted with Apple iPhone

New Apple users often complain about finding the items at a go. That’s why we have curated this segment to give you a brief idea about the basic layout of Apple iPhones. The moment you land on the initial setup of the iPhone, go to the app store and create your Apple ID. Apple ID is required if you want to use Apple features like iTunes, iCloud, or Facetime. 

Set up all the necessary tools required for your daily functions. After you have installed the necessary apps, it is now time to sync it. You can connect your phone to your laptop via a USB cable or over Wi-Fi. Sync the phone and activate backup plans. Set up touch id and face id for screen unlock. After you have done the initial setup, it is time to set your Apple wallpaper on the iPhone to give it a personalized look.

Setting up Apple wallpaper on iPhone

You can select images from your galleries to make them your screen wallpaper. Or you can choose from the array of Dynamics and stills that Apple provides to you. It’s a good thing that you set your Apple ID earlier. Now, you can get access to the ultimate libraries of wallpapers and themes on the Apple store. However, if you want to personalize your phone with custom wallpapers, you can do so too.

  1. Unlock your Apple iPhone and search for the settings icon on the app screen. It won’t be much difficult to find the settings icon as it looks similar on almost all phones around the world.
  2. Tap on the settings icon and a tab will open. The settings tab contains all the necessary settings starting from display to sound and notification settings.
  3. Click on the wallpaper tab to open. This is where the magic begins and empowers you to customize your Apple wallpaper.
  4. You will find a touch tab with “choose a new wallpaper” written. Just beneath it, you will find the settings to turn on the dark appearance. The dark appearance allows your wallpaper to go dim or bright based on the ambient lighting condition.
  5. Now, go to “choose a new wallpaper” and select an image. You will be prompted to select images from Dynamics, Still, live, or gallery. The live wallpaper changes every time your screen is locked. If you want your wallpaper to be different from the ones in the Apple library, you can either download the image or upload a photo.
  6. Drag and pinch to zoom and fit the selected image and click on the “set” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select perspective zoom if you want to add some more animation to your wallpaper. The wallpaper will zoom in or out on tilting your phone.
  7. Set the wallpaper for either the lock screen or home screen or both and enjoy your custom wallpaper.