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How to play Dislyte: Beginners Guide and Tips

Dislyte is a squadron battle role-playing game that requires players to assemble a group of Espers (warriors) and stand and fight in a gloomy future world. Along with the primary storyline aim, there are several more fight types, PVP, guilds (called “clubs”), and even a DJ competition in the style of Guitar Hero. This game is very inviting, with just the proper amount of challenge and strategy.

7 Beginner Tips

  • Complete daily missions

Any Organa or Gem you could get your fingers on is what you’ll need as a F2P player. Weekly tasks, one-time-only quests, and daily commitments will all be available to you. Thus you’ll need to accomplish the daily task every day.

  • Plan Out Your Attacks

If you’ve used all of your strong attacks during the early fight waves and there are just a few weak adversaries left, consider employing weak buffs or attacks to prolong the battle. Your boosts, recoveries, and powerful attacks will have more time to reset. As a result, preparing them for the incoming wave.

  • Upgrade each character individually

The PvE content can be cleared much more quickly and easily if your characters are powerful, but improving them takes time. Ensure that you have just one damage-dealing character and that you level up and improve every item of gear they own in addition to their stats and level.

  • Speed is crucial

Though they will strike in order of attack speed, look at the abilities of your espers to see how they can coordinate. You can employ relics to alter each hero’s speed. However, it may be smart to deploy an esper that benefits from finishing techniques after your arena impact espers have lessened your opponents.

  • Equilibrate Your Squad

In cooperative games like Dislyte, balance is typically rewarded. To balance out the DPS espers and blend area impact and lone strikes, you need to have at least 2 different backup espers, such as healers and buffers. It would be ideal if you could complete the group with a multi-talented esper who could also keep a close eye out for espers with a good start.

  • Spend a week farming one stage with attention.

Similar to other RPGs, you may farm one stage indefinitely. Since players start with the double XP the first week of play, it’s ideal to have an immediate goal in mind. The good news is that you’ll have a lot of stamina to utilize, so trying out a few levels is alright until you discover one that you can complete swiftly and effectively.

  • Make use of currencies.

Dislyte has various currencies, each of which serves a particular role and occasionally more than one throughout the game.

  • Gold is a simple-to-earn currency that is mostly used by novices. Gold may be used to improve the relics and make other changes.
  • Crystals are a valuable resource that may be used to summon creatures from the game’s ecosystem.
  • Because you require stamina for all game types, stamina is the main resource that will be spent during the game.

These Dislyte starter hints will assist you in succeeding and comprehending the game’s fundamental concepts. Even though these are simple, they’ll help you enhance your gameplay and advance quickly to higher levels.