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Is It Possible for ASMR to Work Without Headphones?

ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is an experience characterized by a pleasant tingling sensation that typically begins in the head and scalp before radiating throughout the body. A feeling of deep relaxation often accompanies it. 

This response can result from hearing whispering voices, watching someone perform simple tasks like painting their nails, folding towels, or listening to video game sounds. On this page, you will get to know about what ASMR videos are and are it possible for them to work without headphones.

ASMR Videos – With or Without Headphones

  • Since the response is so unique, ASMR videos can be very different from each other. Many videos are available on YouTube, with people from different countries creating their ASMR videos. The difference between a video that does not contain sound and one that does it is mainly in the visual aspect.
  • Some people focus on producing the best video with visuals, but others prefer to create content without visuals, like making video games or writing creative articles. But the question remains: Is it possible for it to work without headphones if one creates a video without audio?

  • The answer is: yes and no. It can happen when you create a video that only uses visuals. If someone makes this type of an ASMR video with only visuals, then yes, someone can watch that video without headphones since the visual experience will be created without audio. It’s like watching a movie without sound or a TV show that makes complete silence.
  • But to create ASMR content with audio, you need to add some audio effects. If you only use visuals without audio, it will be like watching a movie without sound. It’s that simple.
  • The audio part can either be simple or professional. If you decide to make a video with any sound effects, then your video will have that visual experience; even if people can’t hear the sounds, they will have the visual perception of an ASMR video.

Here are some examples of audio ASMR videos

  • In these examples, you will find visuals and sounds in the same ASMR video and the response to it, which is the tingling sensation. However, it’s not just the tingling sensation produced by sound and visuals but also other things like visualization and concentration.
  • So, if you want to make an ASMR video with sound, there are two options: you can create a video without audio or with audio. You don’t have to create a full-length video; one or two minutes of it will be enough. But it would help if you created something that makes people feel the ASMR sensation.
  • Several types of sounds can be used in ASMR videos, but the most important is binaural audio. This type of sound will induce a scratchy sensation and make relaxation possible for anyone watching this video. Binaural audio is a combination of two different sounds: one sound is recorded with a microphone, and the other is recorded without it, which makes your left and right ear hear slightly different sounds. Some binaural audio devices can be used for this purpose so that you can create ASMR videos at home. 


No need to create a video with audio that doesn’t contain any visuals, but you can sometimes make a video without sound as long as your ASMR video has visuals and sounds. If you are going to make a video without sound, then you should focus on the visual aspect, or it will lose its purpose. On the other hand, if you want people to watch your ASMR video with headphones, then make sure your audio effect is really good and works.