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Daily Archives: May 8, 2023

The Benefits of Having Plants in Your Workspace

Adding plants to your workspace can be a great way to spruce up the area and make it more inviting for both you and any visitors. Not only that, but the presence of plant life can bring a wide range of benefits from improving air quality to increased productivity. Here at Relatiegeschenk Aalsmeer, we provide custom-branded corporate gifts which are perfect for adding that extra touch of personalization to your space.

Why Have Plants in Your Workspace?

Having plants in your workspace provides a range of advantages that help to boost productivity and create an environment where people feel comfortable working. Here are some of the ways having plants in your office or home workspace can benefit you:

1. Improved Air Quality

One of the most significant advantages of having plants around is improved air quality. Plants act as natural air purifiers by absorbing toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, and ammonia which are commonly found in indoor environments due to cleaning products, paint fumes, furnishings, carpets, and other materials used indoors. By removing these harmful toxins from the air plants can make breathing easier and reduce respiratory symptoms caused by allergies or asthma.

2. Stress Relief

The presence of plants has been proven to have calming effects on people who are feeling stressed or anxious due to work pressures or deadlines. Even just looking at them can help lower blood pressure levels and reduce stress-related hormones such as cortisol which helps us feel calmer and more relaxed. Studies have also shown that having plants around increases job satisfaction, which ultimately leads to better performance in work tasks.

3. Increased Productivity

Studies have shown that having access to green spaces at work can lead to higher levels of productivity and better concentration on tasks compared to those who don’t have access to green spaces in their work environment. This could be because being surrounded by nature often brings feelings of joy and contentment, making it easier for people to focus on their work without being distracted by external factors.

4. Improved creativity and problem-solving skills

Another benefit associated with incorporating natural elements such as plants into our living spaces is improved creativity and problem-solving skills, again largely due to the stress-reducing properties mentioned above, along with their ability to create a pleasant atmosphere conducive to thinking outside the box when tackling difficult tasks – something essential for success in many industries today!

5. Improved mood & enhanced wellbeing

Not only do studies show that incorporating plants into our lives leads to greater mental clarity, but they also demonstrate how beneficial it can be to our overall well-being – even if it’s just taking time out of our busy schedules to sit back and enjoy them! For example, research has shown a significant reduction in depression and anxiety in participants after spending time outdoors surrounded by greenery, so imagine the effect this could have on your day-to-day mood in the office!

6. Lower noise levels & reduced eye strain

Having plenty of foliage around can also help to counteract noise pollution from nearby sources such as traffic, roads, etc., allowing employees to concentrate on their work without interruption. It may even be possible to reduce visual fatigue caused by computer screens, providing the necessary respite during long periods spent at the front desk.

7. Environmentally friendly alternative decoration

Not only do houseplants look aesthetically pleasing, they are also fantastic eco-friendly alternative decorating options. Unlike buying artificial materials, plastic flowers require no additional resources to produce, therefore reducing the carbon footprint whilst still managing to achieve the desired look indoors. Whether large palm trees or small cacti, there’s an abundance of different types to choose from to suit individual preferences, and budget requirements, whatever the situation may be.

8. Cost-effective office accessories

Finally one of the biggest reasons why people opt to introduce plant life into their workspaces is cost-effectiveness Houseplants generally very cheap to purchase and maintain over long periods of time meaning they remain low maintenance option going forward, With little effort required to get started all you need to do is select type species best suited particular needs style d├ęcor budget then relax reap the rewards healthier happier lifestyle workplace Promotional Gift Aalsmeer here hand provide tailored corporate gifts complete any modern office design ensuring experience always remains inspired unique one!